Personal Growth

Make war, not love

It’s time to teach your friend, family, or lover a lesson. But if you address it with them directly and set boundaries, you’re going to have to communicate clearly and keep your word — and also live up to your own standards.

That’s not necessary. You can avoid conflict and…

Personal Growth

Death doesn’t give a fuck about your plans

“Is he dead?”

I sat on my couch and questioned my mom over the phone while I buttoned my work shirt.

“I don’t know.”

He Lived — Miraculously

On November 2, 2020, my dad suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and tractor accident. He arrived in ICU with a coma, a brain stem injury, a brain…

Solo creators and user-curation are taking control

A microphone

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post all feature great writing — writing that pays no royalties and is hidden from readers behind a paywall. To get accepted, writers need to meet publications’ standards, and their perspective needs to jive with publications’ overall brand. …

Who got Nord VPN after seeing it pitched in a YouTube video? Not me.

Ad blocker

Ads are low-effort trash. When I open LinkedIn and see an ad to “increase customer lifetime value” as the second post, I feel like I stepped in gum. When I visit a website and receive a pop-up that says “We see you have an ad blocker. …

Linktree. Discord. Buffer. Canva.

A laptop, tablet, magnifying glass, phone, usb drive, pad of paper, pencil, and pen sitting on a desk

Creators wear many hats, especially when they’re getting started. For example, on my website, I say:

Hey, I’m Chris. I’m the musician, singer, songwriter, producer, designer, manager, agent, and publicist of Roses from Bones.

Creators not only have to create their content — they have to build and execute marketing…

Strong work requires strong tools

A magnifying glass

You want to impact people’s lives with your writing. You want to attract more clients and raise your prices.

To elevate your writing, you need to catch and hold people’s attention. How do you do that?

  1. Keep it clean
  2. Keep it simple

Grammarly and Hemingway help you do both.


I’ve been Sober Curious for about a year now — I want to finally give it a try

Inverted glassware

Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine going a week without alcohol. I was a daily drinker — usually between 2 and 12 drinks per day. Over the past year, I’ve finally reached a point where I keep my drinking within the bounds of “moderate.”

I’m ready for a new challenge.

I have flaws, but that’s okay

A hand signs “I love you”

You’re Ugly

The first time someone called me ugly, I was six years old. I sat in the front row of my first-grade class, and a girl walked past and said, “You’re ugly,” then laughed and walked away.

I didn’t cry — in class. I cried that evening. I asked my mom…

Minimum wage, maximum rage

A woman gives a thumbs down

Hard Times And Harder Decisions

COVID put a lot of things in perspective for the working class. Work got less safe and way more difficult for a lot of people.

Early furloughs made many people jump ship from low-paying industries like hospitality and retail. The primary incentive for those jobs is a low barrier to…

Chris Fritz

Musician & Writer. Frequent Failer. Memento Mori.

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